It’s cool to express yourself and have a say in the products and services that companies develop for you. . . It’s very cool to get paid for it.

With our rewards program panelists earn points for surveys and other panel activities that are worth money! And, it doesn't take a long time to earn enough points to redeem for a check or e-gift card. You get points for every activity you participate in—almost every activity is worth at least $1.00 and many are worth $5.00, $10.00 and more!!!

We have promptly and reliably paid rewards for over 10 years!

Panelists who live in New York and Los Angeles area may also receive opportunities to participate in in-person sessions, focus groups, movie screenings and more and earn $75.00 or more for participating!!!

Details of what will be offered in exchange for participating in a given community/panel activity will be explained in the alert about the activity.

Once you have joined the panel, you may view your points account balance or exchange points from the community dashboard once logged into Panelpolls.